Architectural Statement/Summary of Vaj Loog Zim Txwv Temple at Zos Hmoov Ntuj Community, December 3, 2020:

Temple Architectural Project Summary:

Vaj Loog Zim Txwv Temple is a new free-standing Temple Building, single story, 31, 359 sf, Type V-A, one hour fire rated construction, fire Sprinklers/fire alarms thru out, A3 (Assembly) and E (Classroom) Occupancies, and shall meet or exceed minimum California Building Code (CBC), CalGreen, Title 24 Energy Compliance, Handicap Accessibility, 2019 Edition requirements.  With its 50’ high rotunda blue metal roofing, together with the building’s size/stature located on higher elevations of property, the temple building will be a highly visible prominent structure within the greater Zos Hmoov Ntuj (ZHN) Community development.

Exterior Building Materials/Finishes:
The over-all project intent is to design/construct building structure that meets the owner’s space program requirements, uses energy efficient and sustainable resources/systems, for long-term viability. Verify all requirements.

Curved Rotunda exterior finish and sloped roofing shall be blue metal roofing with integral flashing for waterproof installation, or approved equal.  Flat roof areas to be single ply TPO white membrane roofing sloped to drain, typical.

Exterior walls to be white colored cement plaster system with elastomeric finish, or approved equal.

Exterior window and door systems to be insulated glass in pre-finished aluminum frame, typical.  Special decorative wood doors at main entrances, or approved equal.

Front Entry Displays and Symbols:
There will be special decorative panels in front of the Main entry on south side, showing the History/Background, Important Teachings, Sense of Community, Cultural Values/Purposes of the Zos Hmoov Ntuj Organization and Community.  Each set of pilasters on east, north and west entries will have specially designed panels/details at the vertical structural supports.  Also above each main entry will be Leej Niam’s (Our Mother’s) Headdress sculptural piece which will be visible to all entering the facilities and which has significant meaning to community.

Continuous covered walk-way all around the building to provide protection during inclement weather.  The horizontal elements at first floor roof canopy, edge conditions to be special curved continuous synthetic plaster details with elastomeric finish, or approved equal.

Together with the roadway/infrastructure/utilities/overall site grading, the Temple will be one of the first buildings to be constructed on site and will become the central focal gathering space for the ZHN community.  Temple Building will include the following major worship/gathering, classrooms, conference/meeting and ancillary support spaces, as envisioned for use by the Zos Hmoov Ntuj community.

Central Worship space:
Large worship Hall for 650+ people during special major events and gatherings.  The main worship space will be centrally located within the building and under the Rotunda space/structure.  Directly under the rotunda, there will be a raised 40’x40’ stage/platform, +3’-0” height, with Mother Statue as the main focal point.  Painted circular ceiling and upper walls of rotunda space will have the unique natural painted blue sky with clouds.

  • South Wing:Spacious Main Foyer/Entrance, Child Care with toilets and Offices.
  • North Wing:  Behind and adjacent to the Worship space is the Main Hall with performance platform/stage for special events/concerts, ceremonies, memorial remembrance services, etc.  The outdoor patio on northwest side will be an extension of the indoor activities from the Main Hall.  Food/drinks will be served from the kitchen on the West wing.
  • East Wing:  Classroom wing for a number of smaller group classrooms for younger school-aged children and future expansion space.  The outdoor patio on northeast side will be an extension of indoor classroom/educational uses.
  • West Wing:  Meeting/Conference Spaces for different types of meetings based on occupant loads, plus staff offices. Also there will be a small catering kitchen/food prep space to support indoor and/or outdoor social meetings/gatherings.
  • Central Men and Women Toilet Cores on both the West and East Wings, close to and easily accessible from all major spaces. A separate Locker Room and Dressing Room is located on east wing.  Child Care area will have toilets scaled for use by children.  The required toilet stalls/plumbing fixtures are calculated from the main Worship Center assembly space occupant loads/capacity (see below).
  • Miscellaneous Storage and Utility Support spaces, as required.

Temple Building Plumbing Fixture Calculations:
Total Central Worship Space maximum occupant load estimate of 650+ at any one time.  Based on CBC Plumbing Facilities Table 422.1 for A3 Occupancy:  Men required: W/C-3, Urinals-3, Lavs-3; Provided: W/C-4, Urinals-4, Lavs-4 (OK).  Women required: W/C-8, Lavs-5; Provided:  W/C-8, Lavs-5 (OK).  Drinking fountains required-3, provided-4 (OK).  Also provided, 1 Uni-Sex Toilet at Foyer/Entry area, 2 smaller Kids Toilets in Childcare area, and 2 showers in Locker Shower Room/East Wing.

Note: Similar to other church facilities, the Temple community/owners anticipate one major activity at a time within the temple building, no concurrent major activities.  Once the major service/gathering in the Main Worship space, for example, has been completed, then attendees will disperse and go to Main Hall, Classrooms, other meeting/conference rooms and/or other spaces, as appropriate.