Kev Ntseeg Leej Niam Endowment Fund

We have established an endowment fund for Kev Ntseeg Leej Niam (Belief in Our Mother) with InFaith Community Foundation. We kindly ask for your support of giving to our fund. If you give $1,000 or more, you may send it directly to InFaith Community Foundation. Please indicate the donation is for Kev Ntseeg Leej Niam Fund. InFaith Community Foundation will send you a “thank you” letter for tax purpose. If you give less than $1,000, you may send it to our organization. We will hold all donations until we have $1,000 or more, then we will send it to InFaith Community Foundation. Kev Ntseeg Leej Niam will send you a “thank you” letter for tax purpose when we receive your giving. Please see our endowment fund brochure here for detailed information about giving to our organization and the mailing address of InFaith Community Foundation and Kev Ntseeg Leej Niam. Thank you for your support.