Governing Structure

The structure of Kev Ntseeg Leej Niam consists of Niam Hmoov Niam Neej, Ntxwv Feej Tim Txwv, Txwv Zeej Txwv Koob, and Txheej Keeb Tim thawj.  Niam Hmoov Niam Neej is focused on the teaching and promoting of unyielding hard-work, conservation, preservation, and kindness to humans, animals, plants, other living beings.  Ntxwv Feej Tim Txwv focuses on the teaching, learning, and gaining of the skills and knowledge to help develop a productive life and prosperous society.  Txwv Zeej Txwv Koob (loosely translate as pastor) is focused on conducting and performing traditions, rituals, ceremonies, (such as birth, marriage, death), preaching, and teaching.  Txheej Keeb Tim Thawj focuses on the administration of Zos Ntuj Hmoov Ntuj.