Values of Zos Hmoov Ntuj

According to the beliefs and teachings of Leej Niam, the values of three major perspectives helped to develop Zos Hmoov Ntuj: The values of Zos Hmoov Ntuj to 1) its members, 2) the City of Oroville and Butte County, and 3) to nature and the environment.


1. The values of Zos Hmoov Ntuj to its members:

  • Learn and practice Leej Niam’s teaching of traditions, language, culture, kindness, and moral values and share these positive teachings with others.
  • Practice the values of hard work, respect, honesty, and integrity in the community and share these values with others by being role models.
  • Create a positive, inspiring, and welcoming family community in Zos Hmoov Ntuj in support of the City and County.
  • Welcome and embrace all who are born by Leej Niam as brothers and sisters.
  • Support the development of self-confidence, spiritual knowledge, and personal growth by providing individuals with a foundation for future success.
  • Design services to bring our members together and guide them as they navigate their personal development and spiritual growth.
  • Create a self-sustaining cultural and economic base that will support and connect all living things and the natural environment.


2. The values of Zos Hmoov Ntuj to the City of Oroville and Butte County:

  • Reduce crimes, drugs, and other negative activities by promoting the teachings and practices of the values from Zos Hmoov Ntuj’s members (#1 above) to individuals and other organizations and communities.
  • Increase business and economic opportunities by developing businesses in Zos Hmoov Ntuj and attracting tourists around the world to visit the community.
  • Increase job opportunities and reduce unemployment by creating jobs in Zos Hmoov Ntuj.
  • Increase revenue due to a rise in population, employment, and the number of individuals contributing to taxes.
  • Work with other religious institutions, organizations, and communities by promoting Leej Niam’s concept of love, care, and respect for all, as we are all brothers and sisters.
  • Promote Leej Niam’s concept of positive social interactions, ethical business practices, and political harmony through the integration of various leaders into the community. This will bring the relationships and philanthropy to the community to create a better home for all.
  • Reach out to disadvantaged individuals and families to help them reclaim a prominent and productive place in our society by offering housing services and religious programs specifically designed to meet the needs of those groups of people whom have fallen through the cracks of society.


3. The values of Zos Hmoov Ntuj to nature and the environment:

  • Develop a beautiful and welcoming landscape that aligns with nature’s environment that promotes positive energy in Zos Hmoov Ntuj.
  • Practice being environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and conserve and preserve the environment and the earth.
  • Teach and promote health and wellness to our community and other communities by growing and consuming organic foods and promoting spiritual, mental, and physical health to the communities.
  • Cultivate a culture of sharing and caring by promoting ongoing interactions and engagement between all that live, work, and worship in Zos Hmoov Ntuj; and blend activities in a harmonious fashion according to the teachings of Leej Niam.
  • Live in a community, share resources, and design for low energy use and greener living to help reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Promote healthy activities by providing bicycle and walking trails through parks and natural areas.